Sunday, February 1

Am I Turning Into A Domestic Goddess?

I don't understand what's going on. All of a sudden I find myself running around the flat (that's the condo to those of you from the US of A) picking up stray items, folding laundry and sorting stuff.

I started the day by doing laundry. I had breakfast that didn't come in a box, took out the trash, did the ironing, folded the laundry and cooked lunch.
And now I feel an urge to buy new plants and bake something wearing my cupcake apron. Have I finally gone mad?

I think I'd better sit down and eat chocolate until it goes away.

Maybe even put in an ad for a butler. Preferably a Jeeves-type who can make tea, cook a full English breakfast and say things like "certainly miss, I shall see to it at once".


Comedy Goddess said...

I think it was because you watched Easy to Wed.

punk in writing said...

I also watched Bathing Beauty and On An Island With You.
I'm working my way through the Esther Williams box set.

Hey, if I start to feel like swimming I'll know what caused it. :D

SweetPeaSurry said...

Oh jeez, what I wouldn't GIVE to get into a super-funk like that. Srsly ... I have so many "to do" things that I just don't know where to start. Usually ... I just get home and start on the wine.