Saturday, February 14

Frank Turner Rocks

As I mentioned in my post about the show at KB last Thursday, Frank Turner was the evening's pleasant surprise.

I think I saw a Black Flag tattoo on his arm, which made me suspect a background in the hardcore scene. Once again, Wikipedia has proved me right. The British singer/songwriter used to be in the now defunct hardcore band Million Dead.

According to his bio he's studied at the London School of Economics. See, this supports my theory that punk kids are smart.

Anyway, here's Frank Turner with "Photosynthesis".


princessinferno said...

This is weird, we're at the shop listening to frank Turner right now!

punk in writing said...

princessinferno: did you see him in Cph? He was great when he played in Malmö with Gaslight Anthem.

princessinferno said...

Yes, we were late for polar bear club, but we walked in while he was playing.
He was the best part of the show, in my opinion!