Friday, February 13

High top sneakers and sailor tattoos

I saw Polar Bear Club, Frank Turner and The Gaslight Anthem last night. Great show, even if The Gaslight Anthem had a little trouble living up to their own hype.

Didn't bring the Nikon, because KB are such bitches about their "no system cameras allowed" policy. Shame, because I would have gotten some great shots, especially of Polar Bear Club. Hardcore bands tend to be fun on stage.

But all I got were a few shots with my cellphone camera. Then again, it's nice to go to a show and just enjoy the music, rather than working. Once I get in photo-mode I have a hard time enjoying the music because I'm constantly thinking in images and looking for good shots. Even when I've put the camera down.

Punk rock singer/songwriter Frank Turner was the evening's pleasant surprise. I bought his album and I want to stock his music at the HepCat Store.

The Gaslight Anthem seemed to be a little shy at the beginning of their set, but quickly warmed up once they had gotten hits like The '59 Sound and Great Expectations out of the way. At the end of the gig singer Brian Fallon was actually smiling and having conversations with the audience. All in all, a good night and a great show.

Brian Fallon and blurry Alex Levine of The Gaslight Anthem.


Sandy De Luxe said...

Ser ut att ha varit riktigt bra faktiskt!

punk in writing said...

Japp, definitivt värt biljetten för 140 spänn.

Comedy Goddess said...

You rebel with your cell pictures!

punk in writing said...

CG: The Cellphone Rebels would make a good band name. :D