Saturday, February 28

The Ladies Room

Renovating any room always seems like a huge project. And I like projects that can be finished over the weekend, preferably in a couple of hours. So updating my bathroom was a perfect project.

We have two bathrooms and mine is the smaller one. I can take as long as I like when doing my make up, and A never has to be confronted with girly things like make up and tampons.

Tin sign from San Francisco.

I found this tin sign in a souvenir shop in San Francisco.
I don't like all the Coca Cola merch that can be found all over the place, most of it is tacky and I don't like the taste of Coca Cola.
Dr Pepper is a different matter.

Upgrading toilet roll holders. Now that's small time pimpin'.

I used to have a really ugly, plastic toilet roll holder. Now I have a nice, retro looking one. Andy put it up for me. It may be a small thing, but it really makes a difference.

Mugshot featuring 1940's hair.

Mugshot found on the internet. Taken in San Francisco sometime during the 1940s. I don't know what she was accused of, but she had a great hairstyle.

Elvis is slightly intimidated by all the cosmetics.

The shelf above the sink. I found the pin up girl in a stall at Spitalfields Market in London. The green ceramic box is where I keep my hair pins.
The glass was one of those items that you just keep moving from place to place. I finally realised that it was perfect for storing qtips.


chris hale said...

pThe house we've just moved to has two bathrooms. What a difference it makes!

Retro loo-roll holder, eh? It looks very 1950s to me, like something from the Festival of Britain.

punk in writing said...

Yes, it does. I belive more bathrooms would mean fewer domestic disturbances. :)

I bought it from a British company called Notorious Kitsch.

Comedy Goddess said...

It looks like a nice hang out. Her hairstyle is very cool. The side view looks like Annie Lennox from here.

I know you didn't ask for my two cents, but I say you get to have the bigger bathroom.

punk in writing said...

CG: The bigger bathroom has the shower, meaning that A would have to use it from time to time.

The small one is all mine, all the time.
Plus, A does not spend as much time in front of the mirror as I do, so I can shower whenever I want.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Veddy nice bathroom. I love the retro look. I'm not into for my own place, but I love when the style reflects others' personalities.

bright blessings!

punk in writing said...

CG: I just noticed, she does look like Annie Lennox! Why haven't I seen that before?