Thursday, February 5

Media Evolution 2009

Chris is the blurry guy on the screen.

I was at a big event called Media Evolution last night. It was a work thing and I meet a lot of people I used to work with or work with in some capacity in my new job.

But the main thing was a speech by Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail". He was in Malmö to talk about his new book called "Free" and concepts and business models for the future of digital content on the internet. Interesting stuff. Chris Anderson may give away his ideas for free in digital form, but his personal appearances cost a small fortune.

Marit Bergman's surprise performance.

There was a surprise performance by singer/songwriter Marit Bergman, nice food, a panel discussion and a lot of mingling going on. I met Kix, Sandrina and Miriam who was my classmate at The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Gothenburg University.
Miriam works at a magazine called Internetworld and lives in Stockholm so it was a rare treat to meet her in person.

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