Wednesday, February 18

New Summer Shoes

Outside it's snowing and freezing cold. So naturally I went and bought some new summer shoes yesterday.
We've got some brand new shoes from Lola Ramona in the HepCat Store. They're not in the webshop yet, so if you wanna check them out right now you can always drop by Saint 21.

These sandals look really cute but make me very tall. They look like something Kat Von D would wear but will also work with my retro outfits.

Even us punkabilly girls gotta have options.
If only spring would hurry up and get here so I can wear them outside.


Comedy Goddess said...

Wear them around the house. They look great!

punk in writing said...

Haha, at the moment it's cold around the house too.

I long for spring and summer.

Little Rascal said...


princessinferno said...

My shoe pusher (who designed this awesome shoe) is saving a pair in salmon for me, i can't wait till summer so i can wear them.
I tried on a test model in grey and it was so comfortable!