Sunday, March 15

But I have nothing to wear!

No matter how much I shop or re-arrange my closet I still find myself rummaging through growing piles of clothes, panicking because I have nothing to wear. And I should have left the house five minutes ago.

Years of practice have helped me perfect my everyday jeans and t-shirt combos, but the problems start as soon as I need something a little more dressed up or formal.

If I decide on a skirt that looks good I can't find a festive top to go with it. And why is the item you planned on wearing always stained or in desperate need of laundry?

This is where dresses come in handy. You only need one item and then you're good. Grab some shoes and a bracelet and you're out the door.

I've learned my lesson when it comes to pantyhose and always keep a bunch of new ones in my dresser. Sometimes I go crazy and go with old school stockings. I've even got a vintage petticoat for of my vintage style dresses.

But I can't believe it took me so long to figure dresses out. For most of my formative years I refused to wear them. I lived in jeans, sweatshirts and the occasional formal shirt. Dresses just didn't feel right.

But I'm still that tomboy at heart. I'd choose capris, a halterneck top and heels over a dress any day. Because I still haven't figured out a good plave to keep my keys when I'm in a dress.


Anonymous said...

Keep your keys in your bra ;)

Comedy Goddess said...

Give the keys to your boyfriend/husband.

punk in writing said...

Red Lipstick: My keychain is far too big...

CG: Haha, I would but he's not always with me. And I don't really trust him with keys once he's had a drink or five. ;)

SweetPeaSurry said...

I feel ya pain in finding the days attire. I hate picking out my clothes.