Sunday, March 8

I'm not a fashion blogger

I may help to run a clothing store, but I don't post photos of my daily outfit. Mainly because anyone reading would be bored silly by the same combinations of dark demin jeans with turn ups, black hooded sweaters and various t-shirts and shirts.

I dress more or less the same now as I did at University. I have always worked in places that have fairly casual dress codes, if any. But I now find myself in a proper office, with people who dress in suits, shirts and some even wear ties. Yikes!

I find this a little bit intimidating. A part of me feels like I should smarten up. The other part can't be bothered. I've always been a tomboy and never really bothered with cosmetics, apart from the occasional eyeliner and mascara.
And while I do dress up for nights out and can spend hours doing my hair before a rockabilly event, I just can't see myself getting up early to put together an outfit.

Then there's the issue of me being a klutz. I would never get through a day in heels and stockings. They would get torn on the way to work, and heels are hopeless when you're running for the train.

But when I look for stylish inspiration I check out these blogs:


Comedy Goddess said...

I have my pre gym outfit and my post gym outfit. Basically the pre gym outfit is yesterdays post gym outfit.

Office attire conformity is a real drag. I say go for the uptight ice queen look.

Anonymous said...

Åå tack! Jag har samma anledning som du att inte lägga upp bilder på mig själv, jag är inte alls lika vardagspiffad som t ex Tifa. Men jag försöker iaf. Något jag inte går hemifrån utan är en ordentlig frisyr, vilket gör att kläderna ibland får lida. Plus att jag är bekväm, hatar att frysa så kjol vintertid går bort haha. ;)

punk in writing said...

CG: At the monent I'm getting away with my jeans and t-shirt combos by wearing a cardigan. I'm going for the hip geek girl look.

DD: Nästan samma sak här, lämnar inte huset utan eyeliner men håret hamnar i hästsvans eller knut. Så här års måste man ju ha mössa för att inte frysa öronen av sig.