Sunday, March 1

Sharing The Sugar

We had the relatives here today, celebrating two birthdays. I did three diffrent versions of banana cupcakes and a chocolate fudge cake, my sister brought vanilla cupcakes with cherries on top.

Little Sister's Cherry Cupcakes.

I remembered to take some photos with my phone camera just before we started running out of cupcakes.

Banana Cupcakes with simple chocolate frosting next to Little Sister's Cherry Cupcakes.

Mini Banana Cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.
Topped with sprinkles made from banana chips.

I've still got some leftovers in the fridge. So feel free to drop by if you're in the mood for cupcakes!


Rikke said...

I am also a big fan of cup cakes, so if I could I would drop by to eat leftovers or even let you taste my own version of cupcakes. Hugs Rikke

punk in writing said...

You're and your cupcakes are welcome anytime. :)