Sunday, March 29

Sweet Sunday!

It must be the sun, the slight increase in temperature and the crocus and snowdrops that are showing up in gardens, fields and along the sidewalks.

Spring is here! Suddenly I find myself spring-cleaning, replacing old table cloths and clearing out old clothes, dusty headphones and all kinds of junk.
I figure if it's covered in dust it's a sign it's not being used and should go.

For once it feels like I have gotten things done this Sunday and not like I wasted a day by watching tv and sleeping.

We've been to a car boot sale where I found an old vase that now holds lollipops (see photo), went for a bike ride in the sun, had pasta with mozzarella for lunch, cleaned the flat some more and flew the model airplane A got for his birthday.

And it's not even six o'clock yet!

I like to arrange my lollipops. They're far less demanding than flowers.


To Visit My said...

your blog is feel good......

chris hale said...

What a lot you've done today!

You have my permission to take the rest of the day off!

punk in writing said...

CH: Thanks! You seem to have gotten a thing or two done yourself. :)