Wednesday, April 1

Discussions and Silence

I've just spent two days at a conference in the countryside, discussing strategy and visions. All that talking, socialicing and planning was exhausting. I hardly noticed that I didn't watch TV or touched a computer the entire time I was away.

We were in a small town in the Swedish countryside, and as soon as you stepped out of your car you noticed the silence. Spring is in the air, and that made it a pleasure to walk around.

We were a diverse group of strong-willed people from different organisations who work together at Mejeriet, an independent culture center.

One of the comments I remember hearing was that on paper, our umbrella organization shouldn't be able to function. But in practice, it does.
Though not without debates, discussions and the will to make things work.

But I'm still amazed at the differences between working in culture and working in business.

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Lilly Lee said...

kul att du hittade till mig! Tackar för tipset , men jag hade koll på den faktiskt. Finns så mycket roligt där ute!

Ha det gott!