Sunday, April 5

A Tale of a Scruffy Stylist

I've worked hard today. I spent several hours making good looking models look even better for the camera. It's a bit hard on the self esteem, let me tell ya.

Photographer Dan Sköld dropped by Saint 21 for a photo shoot in our brand new studio. Rob finished it this morning, so it's brand spankin' new.

We have plenty of new stuff in the store and it takes a lot of work to get nice photos of everything for the webshop. Dan is a pro and I've never worked with studio lighting, so I did a lot of looking and learning.

The boys plan to get some lights for the studio so that I can play around there and learn some new tricks.

But today I was stylist rather than photographer. I did hair for model Sunna and made sure all labels were out of sight, all clothes fit the way they were supposed to and picked out shoes. It's a lot harder than it looks.

Eddie has modelled for us so often that he's a pro by now, so I spent most of my time styling new model Sunna while Rob sorted out outfits for Johan.

Caroline, Kristopher and Håkan did a lot of the work behind the scenes, such as sorting clothes, folding clothes and putting them back after the photo shoot. When you go through a few hundred outfits, that's a lot of clothes to fold.

Photographer Dan and model Johan. He's got an older brother who sings in HepCat Daddies.

Photographer Dan and model Sunna. Those shoes rock.

Rob is making sure everything looks right. He was up half the night painting the studio. Johan, Eddie and Caroline in the background.

Everybody look down! We moved a lot of stuff to make room for the studio. I'm the scruffy one in purple.

It's all about the details. Shirt and skirt by Robert&Blad, bandana by DePalma. Pace jeans on the scruffy stylist.

A scruffy stylist making sure model Sunna looks good.

Photographer Dan and modell Sunna. Suit by Robert&Blad, shoes by Lola Ramona.

I'm not sure what Rob is doing to model Johan in this photo... Sailor pants by Robert&Blad, tank top by DePalma.

The new stuff will be added to the webshop in the next few days. We still have to edit more than a thousand photos before they are ready for the webshop.

Welcome to the glamorous world of street wear and rock n roll fashion.


Sandy De Luxe said...

Vad roligt det ser ut! Jag bara älskar sånt där, allt! Modellandet, sminket, håret, fotona! Superkul! Man måste få massor av inspiration?

Går fortfarande och funderar på den där pinstripekursen, fantastiskt att den är i Lund men jag har svårt att komma loss den helgen.. Så typiskt.

punk in writing said...

Sandy De Luxe: Det är kul, men samtidigt mycket jobb och man blir rejält trött. Och kläderna sitter alltid bättre på modellerna än på mig. Hmpf!

En del av det som plåtades köpte jag redan när de levererades till butiken. ;)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I like the scruffy stylist's top! :)

Looks like a fun day, I'd love to learn more about studio photography but I'm more of an outdoors photographer myself (plus I don't have space for a studio).

punk in writing said...

Rachel Cotterill: Thank you. I made it myself, it's just a cheap hoodie I put some patches on.

Yep, I'm a fan of natural lighting too.