Monday, May 18

Dita and Eurovision

Alas, the annoyance that is Eurovision has finally ended. This year I managed to avoid the vast majority of it. But I had to tune in when I heard that Dita von Teese was performing with the German entry.

The singer with the sparkly pants can't believe his luck.

Am I the only one who felt cheated because they didn't show the first part of Dita von Teese's performance? I only caught a brief glimpse of a hat and a sparkly coat, the rest was obscurred my Mr Glitterpants and his two dancers.

She looked fabulous in her corset, but I would have preferred to see the first part of her routine.

Whip it, whip it. Sorry, I grew up in the 80's.

Those of you who are of the twittering persuation can follow Dita here.


Anonymous said...

She's too cool. Sorry to have missed her performance. I can't believe she's on Twitter. Everyone in France was sure that Patricia Kaas would win, but she only came in 8th.

punk in writing said...

Dedene: It seems like everyone is on twitter these days. :)

I didn't see all of it, but I liked Armenia.