Sunday, May 24

Fun With My Glue Gun

A Buffy pin, a skullbow and a Marvel pick are revamped as hair clips.

I love fixing broken things and re-using stuff for new purposes. Today I spent some time turning old pins, a broken barette and some other things into new hair clips.
That low heat glue gun I bought a year ago is really useful sometimes.


Comedy Goddess said...

Glue guns lead to all kinds of reuseables. Love it!

chris hale said...

I'll just have this cup of...oh no, the handle's come off! Punky! Where's that glue gun?

punk in writing said...

CG: Yeah, and it's fun too.

CH: Hold still, I'll be right over! Now, do you want clear glue or metallic? Your choice of gold or silver.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Så fina! Gillar verkligen den med Marvel!

punk in writing said...

Sandy: Tackar! :)