Tuesday, May 5

I'm pitching this one to the Networks

I was reading a post on Henry the eight over at The Middenshire Chronicles when I got this idea for a reality show.

Lock up King Henry in a mansion with the three priests from Father Ted, rev Geraldine Granger from the Vicar of Dibley and Anne Robinson from The Weakest Link. And maybe we should throw in Graham Norton too, just for fun?

It would be a really strange version of the Real World... and I'm not sure how you'd pick a winner. But it sounds like good television.

Have you got a better idea?

EDIT: I should add that Chris Hale suggested I call the show Hal's a Poppin'.


chris hale said...


Of course, you could also call it Big Bother.

lakeviewer said...

Better than anything I've seen on television lately.

Comedy Goddess said...

The only one I recognize by name is Henry, and Graham. But I love a good britcom.