Saturday, May 9


I've been told that I talk a lot. And I guess I do.
Maybe I'm making up for all those years as a good girl who never made much noise in class. Maybe it's because many of my friends aren't of the shy and quiet kind.

But I didn't realize that I sometimes speak with quite an impressive volume. I've been hushed by co-workers more than once.

It might have something to do with the guys at Saint 21. They are my friends and I love them, but sometimes I have to stand in front of them and shout if I want their attention.
That's artists and visionaries for you, always working on some master plan in the back of their mind.

I spent a lot of time at the newsdesk as a reporter at a daily newspaper. If you've never been in a newsroom, let me explain it to you.
There's a crackling police radio that is always on, photographers and reporters coming and going, phones that ring and a never ending conversation about what's going on and what should be featured in tomorrow's paper. Then there's people pitching ideas, general small talk and meetings.

Not your average corporate environment. Maybe that's why I'm a little too loud for my office sometimes. Or it could just be my personality.

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