Tuesday, June 30

Before I forget about Hultsfred Hayride

Oh yeah, I went to rockabilly weekender Hultsfred Hayride on Saturday. The HepCat Store was on the road again!

Rob, Jens, Skratch and Dan drove up on Friday afternoon but got slightly delayed when Rob filled up the car with ethanol instead of diesel. Way to go!

Jens and Skratch are thrilled with Rob.
Photo by Dan.

Johan and I missed all the excitement because we left Lund for Hultsfred at 6.30 in the morning.
That means I had to get up at 5.45 to do my make up.
After a long drive on roads that looked more or less identical and one or two wrong turns we arrived at Metropol in Hultsfred.

There's nothing like crawling out of a car all sweaty and hot after a four hour drive, simply to head inside and start unpacking merch and arranging it along the 12 meters of hallway that is your shop for the day...
And I kept banging my head on the contraption we use to hang t-shirts. They're made of wood and metal chains. Small ones, but still. Ouch!

Johan with some of the t-shirts from the HepCat Store. We do a lot of folding on the road.

We sold a bunch of clothes, magazines, music and pomade. The weather was awesome and Skratch striped a bunch of cars outside. Dan acted as his assistant and sold merch, translated and made everything run smoothly.

He's pretty damn good.

I'm not sure what that look means...

The weather was lovely and hot. It was even hotter inside, because we had our stuff set up next to a big glass wall that got plenty of sunshine all afternoon.

But I did some shopping of my own and found some new hairflowers and three movie star cards with Esther Williams.

Esther Williams x 3

We had time to watch one of the bands before we packed up the shop and got back on the road again. At this point we had been awake for 17 hours and knew we had a 4 hour drive on small, dark roads ahead of us. And then some unpacking to do once we got back to Saint 21.

That's the rock n roll way of life for you - we just make it look easy.

By the way, MAC liquidlast eyeliner is amazing. It even looks good when you've been awake for 23 hours. At that point it was more or less the only part of me that did.

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Comedy Goddess said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your long long long day!

Sounds fun though!