Sunday, July 26

Fredrik's Vintage Moped

When Fredrik turned 30, we knew we had to get him something special. Something with personality and a hint of danger. Something that could be modified.
After a long, intense search we found a 1962 moped made by Swedish company Husqvarna.

But there are some serious logistics involved when you're dealing with old mopeds. You need a big car to transport it from city to city, a place to hide it on the day you're giving it away and someone to make the delivery.

This moped needs some love; it only runs in first gear, the tank needs to be repaired and the speedometer doesn't work. But it has a lot of potential.

Fredrik puts on his helmet as Andy presents him with his birthday present.

Fredrik and his new ride.

Fredrik didn't just get a moped, he got a piece of Swedish craftsmanship. Here is the original ad, published in 1962.

"You were right Dad - this is the gang's sharpest engine."

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