Sunday, July 19

I Just Don't Get It

I know that not everyone is like me. But I don't understand how someone can be happy working the same dead end job for years, raising a bunch of brats and spending every minute of their life in a nowhere town.

What makes even less sense to me is giving up all your childhood dreams because your parents thought you should get a nice job, like a doctor or a lawyer.

Talk about lives of quiet desperation...

Then again, a life of rock n roll, tattoos, lowbrow art, hot rods, books, hair flowers and black eyeliner is not for everyone.


Comedy Goddess said...

My aunt and uncle hated their jobs for their entire career years. He retired and then died from Alzheimers and she still drinks enough for both of them. It is awful what people choose for themselves.

punk in writing said...

CG: Yeah, that whole "keeping up appearances" thing never made anyone happy..

Anonymous said...

Maybe because a lot of people consider certain lifestyles (and genres) as a thing for the youth just as buying the cheapest booze and having a know-it-all attitude?

I know (or rather, knew) tons of people that went to the same shows as I did. Dressed the same. Had similar political backgrounds. But when I stopped going to shows because I couldn't afford it or couldn't bring my kid, they stopped going because they "grew up" and thought it was a childish game. Their lifestyle was just rebellion, it had no heart. It was just fashion and being part of something. Their punk-days could've just as easy been techno-days had they met/fallen in love with a techno-kid.

These days these people consider me stuck in the past while I think the're stuck in a grownup-soup.

(However, funny fact is that all these so-called grownups are the same people that were dressed to the teeth and had a punker than thou-attitude.)

punk in writing said...

Lisadarling: Ah, the old punk police? They usually turn out to be really insecure persons.

Personally I would find it really hard to be "mainstream" after all these years. My punkabilly way of life is too much fun.