Friday, July 10

My Punk Rock Hero in Rockabilly Magazine

Long before I started listening to swing and rockabilly I was a punk rock girl. One of my heroes was Mike Herrera from MxPx.

And guess who's on the cover of the current issue of Rockabilly Magazine? Mike Herrera fronting his side project, alt-country band Tumbledown. I didn't see that one coming.

Now there's a face I didn't expect.

There are a lot of rockabilly kids who used to be punk, few take the opposite route. But the worlds of punk and rockabilly don't always mix, despite strong similarities between both subcultures. So it's fun to see a punk on the cover of a rockabilly magazine.

There are purists on both sides and the rockabilly police are just as boring as the punk police. Me and most of my friends like variety and listen to rockabilly and punk, some dress rockabilly all the time, some are hardcore punks and I like to mix and match.
Sometimes I dress rockabilly, sometimes I feel like punk and most of the time I mix and match.
When someone asks about my style I say I'm a punkabilly girl.

Tumbledown just released their first album. Check them out on myspace.

Mike on the right. Photo by Joshua Kanter.

BTW, Mike Herrera is still one of my heroes and not bad looking either. Why is Bremerton so far away?


schmut said...

Inte helt fel även om det var förbannat glättigt. Inget man lyssnar på en måndagsmorgon...

punk in writing said...

schmut: det beror kanske på hur helgen har varit? :)