Wednesday, July 29

Swedish Movits! on American TV and what Heptown Records did to help

Ok, that's probably the longest title I'll ever give a post on this blog. I just wrote a post for the Saint 21 blog about Swedish jazz/hiphop/swing band Movits! and their performance on American TV this Monday.

In short, we carry their debut album "Äppelknyckarjazz" is the HepCat store and all of a sudden we had shipped all the records we had in stock to addresses in the US.
Movits! are not that well known even in Sweden so why was there an interest from abroad?
We found out that Movits! hade been hyped on a music blog and someone had discovered that we were the only store that shipped their record to addresses outside of Europe.

The band only became aware of this American hype when we called them to ask for more records.

Then Movits! were invited to perform on the Colbert Report. The show aired this Monday. Clips from the show can be found on the Colbert Report website.

The last few records we could get our hands on have now been sold to the US. Håkan shipped the last 8 copies today. We are now waiting for the second pressing of the album.

If you've never heard of Movits! check out their video for "Äppelknyckarjazz".

Ironically, the latest release from Movits! is a collaboration with Swedish rapper Zacke called "Spela mig på radion", meaning play me on the radio. The song is about how Swedish artists try to sound American in order to get air time in Swedish radio.

You can download "Spela mig på radion" for free at Zacke's myspace.

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Comedy Goddess said...

Great story! What an amazing opportunity, the Colbert Report!

The first video reminded me a little of The Specials.