Sunday, August 30

Vintage Earrings

A few days ago I got two pairs of vintage earrings from my grandmother. One pair looks like faux perls and the other pair is wood.
Both pairs are from the 1940's.

They're lovely but in need of some cleaning. The faux pearls have a few stains and the metal looks a bit scruffy.
Any suggestions on how I can clean them without damaging them are more than welcome.

Vintage earrings from my grandmother.

Roadtrippin' with a 1928 Ford

Last weekend we drove Andy's beloved 1928 Ford Special Coupe from the countryside to a garage in Lund that Andy has fixed up.

Andy drove the Ford, and I followed in a back up car. We drove to the Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree, had some fun and left the Ford there overnight as it doesn't have very good headlights. We drove back the next day to continue the journey from Hammarlunda to Lund.

All in all, it went pretty well. We had to stop a few times to let the engine cool down and had one minor incident when the gas tank started to leak, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Driving thru the forest.

More Scanian countryside.

Taking some photos while the Ford cools down.

Andy consults the original 1928 manual.

The wooden floor.

In the new garage.

Thursday, August 27

My photos in Nordic Tattoo Mag

You can find some of my photos in the current issue of Nordic Tattoo Mag. They have an article on Skratch and I helped them out with some photos of him striping an Oldsmobile.

The only thing that annoys me is that they spelled his name wrong on the cover. What kind of editor allows that to happen?

There is always gonna be typos is a magazine, but as an editor you are expected to deliver correct headlines and covers, especially when it comes to names.

Anyway, here are two of the photos that are featured in Nordic Tattoo Mag.

Master pinstriper at work.

Close up of hands.

Wednesday, August 26

Photos from Junkyard Jamboree

I finally got around to posting some photos from the Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree.
Over 200 friends of the Cardinals gathered at Hammarlunda bilskrot last weekend to look at cars, drink beer and listen to some good music.

We finally got Andy's A-ford from 1928 up and running in time for the show, so he could drive there in style. That old car managed 60 km on her first run. Not bad for an 81 year old car!

Summer night in Hammarlunda.

The one and only Junk Bar.

Late night party at the junkyard.

Pat C. Miller

Friday, August 21

Junkyard Jamboree

I'm heading east tomorrow. My friends The Cardinals are having a Junkyard Jamboree at Hammarlunda Bilskrot.
The Astrolites and Pat C. Miller are playing, Skratch is pinstriping and the HepCat Store will be selling some cool stuff. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood!

I <3 Copenhagen

I had a great day with my sister yesterday. We went across the bridge to Copenhagen for some shopping and girly fun.

Our first stop was Mondo Kaos in Birkegade. We looked at a lot of dresses and tried on half of them. I bought a really pretty black dress with blue sparrows.

Then we popped next door to Rubber Duck for some awsome frozen yoghurt. Maria choose blueberries and Daim chocolate, I choose fresh strawberries and Kinder chocolate. Tasty and really low fat!
Well, not the chocolate but the frozen yoghurt.


Then we left Nørrebro and crossed the lakes that separate the area from the city center. The crowds get bigger as you get closer to Strøget so we try to avoid it if we can.
And all the fun shops are on the side streets.
We had lunch at RizRaz and checked out some more shops.

We even had time for ice cream before getting on the train back to Sweden.

Saturday, August 15

Rascal Kosher on Etsy

Rascal and one of her hair flowers.

Rascal Kosher just opened her own shop on Etsy. She makes great hair flowers, jewelry and other cool stuff.
Check it out!

Tuesday, August 11

A Quick Visit to London

I spent the weekend in London. It was hot and full of tourists, but I love that city. Andy had never been to London, so I showed him Covent Garden, Camden and Carnaby Street.

He also tried fish and chips for the first time, and liked it. But he likes his chips with ketchup, I prefer salt and vinegar.

Checking out the Spitfire in the main hall.
Photo by Andy.

We spent a day at the Imperial War Museum. Andy loved the bombs, planes and tanks. I preferred the exhibits about the second world war from the children's perspective and the holocaust exhibit. I just wish we had more time, because there was so much to see.
I bought some great books and postcards in the museum shop.

A cute rocking horse in the 1940s house.

An awesome poster. Too bad they didn't have this one in the shop.

Later that evening we headed to Piccadilly and met up with my blog/twitterbuddy Stevyn Colgan for a pint.
He is even nicer in person than on the internet. And he talks as much as me.

Me and Stevyn. And a red bus.
Photo by Andy.

You can't visit London and not go to the theater, so we went to the discount ticket place on Leicester Square and got tickets for "Jersey Boys", the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
Awesome. And the souvenir program was shaped like an LP.

I stocked up on chocolate from Cadbury and fudge from Thorntons, but my supplies aren't gonna last long... Yum!

Wednesday, August 5

A-bombers Old Style Weekend in pictures

The weather cleared up on Friday afternoon and Saturday was all sunshine. We finally got our tent up outside so Skratch could stripe and J.Tex play live.

At the hill climb at Devil's Peak it was harder than usual to find somewhere to park. The show has grown a lot since my first visit in 2006.

My friend Ylva did my hair, so I had pin curls under my do-rag the entire race. But of course there are photos of me with my do-rag but none of my actual hairstyle. Typical.

There were more caravans on the site this year, and both the camp site and the visitor parking were full on Saturday afternoon. Even the show area for vintage cars was almost full!
That has never happened before.

It's nice to see new people, I just hope that the show doesn't become too big.

Friday Night Lights

Northern Light.

A minor breakdown at the hill climb at Devil's Peak.

Racing at Devil's Peak.

Skratch and his brush.

Patric and Ylva; making rockabilly boys and girls look good.

Tuesday, August 4

Previously Owned by Lana Turner

I had forgotten how addictive ebay can be. I logged in the other day to check out some items from Lana Turner's estate that her daughter Cheryl Crane is selling.

It's mine now!

I wound up buying this sterling silver hair comb. I guess I now own a small piece of Hollywood history. You can see the other items for sale here.

Sterling silver hair comb.

I also found three vintage magazines from 1950 and 1952. Two with Esther Williams on the cover, she talks about how to stay healthy in one issue and the other is an interview about being a mother in Hollywood. The third magazine has a story on college girls.

Summer reading.

There is just so much cool stuff to be found on ebay... I have my eye on some other Esther Williams memorabilia, a handbag and maybe a vintage sweater too.

Monday, August 3

Rain, Rockabilly and Vintage Cars

Another crazy weekend at A-bombers Old Style Weekend is over. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun and some good lookin' cars. I even took a good photo or two.

We had to replace the starter engine in the truck we borrowed, so we were running late before we even had a chance to pack all our stuff in the truck.
Then there was some trouble with our spot in the vendors building, and I was ready to slap someone before we'd even left Saint 21.

The A-bombers crew were a bit cranky about our vending spot, but we figured it out because Jenny from Trophy Queen and Keith Weesner are awesome.

It was raining like crazy on Friday morning. I was glad I brought my leather jacket, but a bit annoyed that I forgot to bring my boots. I had to jump around the puddles outside to avoid getting my converse sneakers wet. Luckily it stopped raining after lunch.

I also found a great wool shirt at the vintage stall next to us. It looks like a ladies version of a pendelton shirt and I lived in it the rest of the weekend.

The HepCat Store was busy as usual and I met a bunch of friends, like Ubbe from Nosey Joe and the Poolkings, Angelo from Sinner Supply, von Sven, Patric the Barber and the girls from Rockefella.
As always, A-bombers was a lot of fun and even more work.

Photos and more stories are on their way.