Wednesday, August 5

A-bombers Old Style Weekend in pictures

The weather cleared up on Friday afternoon and Saturday was all sunshine. We finally got our tent up outside so Skratch could stripe and J.Tex play live.

At the hill climb at Devil's Peak it was harder than usual to find somewhere to park. The show has grown a lot since my first visit in 2006.

My friend Ylva did my hair, so I had pin curls under my do-rag the entire race. But of course there are photos of me with my do-rag but none of my actual hairstyle. Typical.

There were more caravans on the site this year, and both the camp site and the visitor parking were full on Saturday afternoon. Even the show area for vintage cars was almost full!
That has never happened before.

It's nice to see new people, I just hope that the show doesn't become too big.

Friday Night Lights

Northern Light.

A minor breakdown at the hill climb at Devil's Peak.

Racing at Devil's Peak.

Skratch and his brush.

Patric and Ylva; making rockabilly boys and girls look good.


Joanna DeVoe said...

Is this for real?! Looks like the most fun a bunch of grown people can have without getting arrested. Love your blog too!

punk in writing said...

Yes, it's for real. A-bombers has been around for more than a decade.