Monday, August 3

Rain, Rockabilly and Vintage Cars

Another crazy weekend at A-bombers Old Style Weekend is over. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun and some good lookin' cars. I even took a good photo or two.

We had to replace the starter engine in the truck we borrowed, so we were running late before we even had a chance to pack all our stuff in the truck.
Then there was some trouble with our spot in the vendors building, and I was ready to slap someone before we'd even left Saint 21.

The A-bombers crew were a bit cranky about our vending spot, but we figured it out because Jenny from Trophy Queen and Keith Weesner are awesome.

It was raining like crazy on Friday morning. I was glad I brought my leather jacket, but a bit annoyed that I forgot to bring my boots. I had to jump around the puddles outside to avoid getting my converse sneakers wet. Luckily it stopped raining after lunch.

I also found a great wool shirt at the vintage stall next to us. It looks like a ladies version of a pendelton shirt and I lived in it the rest of the weekend.

The HepCat Store was busy as usual and I met a bunch of friends, like Ubbe from Nosey Joe and the Poolkings, Angelo from Sinner Supply, von Sven, Patric the Barber and the girls from Rockefella.
As always, A-bombers was a lot of fun and even more work.

Photos and more stories are on their way.

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