Friday, September 18

The Baseballs are Hot 'N' Cold

The Baseballs just released new single Hot 'N' Cold. I don't think the video is as much fun as the video for Umbrella. Check it out and decide for yourself.

And about The Baseballs online markeing skills? The band's marketing team should step up their game.
When I went to their website and clicked on the image that said "click here to check out our video" (or something similar, my german is really rusty) I got a new page with no trace of the video. Smooth.
I had to try the page in Explorer to see the video, but they really should fix it so that it works in as many browsers as possible. Or maybe nobody uses Firefox in Germany?
It's not their flash video player as such, because I don't have any problems with the embedded teaser clip about the upcoming single.

They have a nice litte icon that allows you to select language on the website. Only trouble is their english looks an awful lot like german...

Boys, if you need help all you have to do is ask.

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