Saturday, September 12

Family Photos from Småland

Since this is post number 300 on this blog I thought I'd share something special.
A few months ago I found some old photos from my father's side of the family, stuffed in a box with no names or anything. I sat down with my grandmother who talked me through the photos and faces she recognized.

I've scanned some of them, and plan to scan as many as possible and write down what I know about the people in them to create small digital archive.

This is one of my favourite photos. It was taken in my great-grandparents house in Tutaryd in rural Småland.

From left: My grandfather Verner, my grandmother Inga, my great-grandmother Ida, my grandmother's cousin Maja, Verners brother Arthur and my grandmother's cousin Lilli.

My grandmother Inga isn't sure when this was taken, but she remembers that it was when she and my grandfather were still courting. Verner and Inga married in the spring of 1943, so my guess is that this was taken in 1941 or 1942.

My great-grandfather Ernst, Inga's dad, loved books and read whenever he had the chance. That's why there is a portrait of Swedish author August Strindberg over the sofa.
We still have a few of my great-grandfathers books.

Inga Andersson married Verner Sjöberg in 1943. You can see their initials above the door.
This photo was taken outside the house where my grandmother grew up. After the wedding they moved in here with Inga's parents.

When you look at old photos from my grandfather's family it's pretty obvious that we are related. My cheekbones and eyes can be found on photos that were taken a few generations before I was born.

That said, I also look a lot like my grandmother. I'm a blonde and she is a brunette, but our hair is the same quality and texture. My hair color comes from my mother and my maternal grandfather.

There are a few photos in the box that were taken in a studio, such as wedding photos, birthdays and family photos, but I prefer the more casual photos of everyday life.
They remind me that while fashion and cars have changed, people are very much the same.

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