Sunday, September 6

I really wanted you

A few years ago I had a summer job selling watches in a high street shop. It was the best job I had as a student.
I had a good boss, good hours and the job was in the center of town. The shop was so small that we stored some of the alarm clocks in the bathroom, because there was no other place for them.

Another advantage was that when I was alone in the shop I could play whatever music I wanted. According to head office policy, all stores were given music that we had to play.

But listening to the same "oriental grooves" music day after day was driving me mental, so sometimes I brought in my own music and mix cd's. No one really noticed or cared that I was playing The Queers, Ramones, Bombshell Rocks and Pansy Division.

Until one day when it was just me and one customer who needed a new battery in his wrist watch. Suddenly he started to pay attention to the music, then he looked at me and said "is this Pansy Division?".
He got a great discount.

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