Monday, September 21

More Friends in Magazines

My friends Camilla and Daniel aka Pat C Miller and Danny Boy were featured in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet this weekend. They live in a 1950's style house in Klippan. Click here to read the article.

Camilla is better known as rockabilly singer Pat C Miller. Danny Boy is a member of Cardinals Car Club.

Camilla and Daniel outside their house.


Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

I couldn't read the article but I enjoyed looking at the pictures! Very cool!

punk in writing said...

I tried runnig it thru google translate, but it wouldn't work... :P

Here is some of the text, to give all the english speakers an idea of what it's about.

"Camilla & Daniel lives in the 50's!

Camilla and Daniel have created an atmosphere that feels like being taken directly out of a '50s movie. Furniture, gadgets, clothes, hairstyles, friends, cars and even the music selection is greatly influenced by the 50s. The car, a Buick Special from 1954, is Camilla.

In Klippan time stands still - at the right time.

Sunday went to Scania - and got a trip to the 50s in the bargain.

We feel a bit like extras in an '50s movie, when we step into Camilla's and Daniel's house in Klippan."

schmut said...

Vilket underbart hus!