Wednesday, September 30

No Guts No Glory

Mr Adam Dorsett is in Sweden for the Tattoo Expo in Malmö this weekend. He spent the day working at my friend Christian's studio Grindhouse Tattoo in Lund.

I stopped by Grindhouse after work to say hi to the boys. Before I knew it I had been there for two hours, playing with ipods and having fun.

Rob dropped by to get another tattoo. Someone suggested "no balls no glory" but he had his heart set on "no guts no glory". Ah well...

All photos are from my phone. I took some decent ones with Christian's camera too.

Christian is getting a new tattoo and looking bored.

Eddie and Christian are watching as Rob gets tattooed by Adam.

Rob's not dead, he's just taking a nap.

Work in progress.

"No Guts No Glory"

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