Tuesday, October 6

My Mother's Birthday Present

I hardly believed my ears when my mother said she wanted a tattoo. My sister and I treated our mother to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, as a birthday gift, when the subject came up.

I did not talk her into it, it was all her idea. She knew what she wanted done too. So I told her I'd sort something out and called my friend Christian who runs Grindhouse Tattoo.

Said and done, my mother and Christian set a date and talked about the design. And today I took a long lunch so I could head over to Grindhouse and take some photos as my mother got her tattoo.
My sister and I gave her the tattoo as a gift for her 60th birthday. I should add that my mother is a priest and just got a new job as a vicar.

Mom was fairly relaxed. Christian was chewing gum.

Christian at work.

The finished tattoo. The fish was the earliest symbol of Christianity.


Brystal said...

I think that's totally awesome that your mother got a tattoo. It seems like everybody has one now. My mom is still not cool with mine but whatever.

Tell your mom happy birthday and that I think her tattoo is way cool.

punk in writing said...

Thanks! My mom has always been cool about tattoos, I just didn't think that she wanted to get one for herself. :D

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