Monday, November 23

Jimmy Eat World save me from the November Blues

The days are getting shorter, colder and darker. It's raining. It's November in Southern Sweden.

Jimmy Eat World are helping me fight the darkness. I have Bleed American on repeat.

Sunday, November 15

Vervain at Mejeriet

My friends Vervain opened for CKY at Mejeriet this Thursday. I was there and so was my camera. Here are some of the photos I took.

Live on stage.

Chrille and his halo.

Francke on stage. I really like this photo.

Another of my favorites.

Click here to see some of my previous photos of Vervain.

CKY were ok, but nothing memorable. Bam Margera was touring with them but I never met him. He was really drunk but nice, or so I'm told.
CKY did however have a really nice kid named Lou as their merch guy. He took Tobias backstage so he could show the skateboards he's painted to Bam.

Tobias is a really talented kid who helps out at Saint 21 and is becoming really good at airbrushing and learning pinstriping. Bam is one of his heroes so he was very, very happy.

Saturday, November 14


I got my shot of H1N1 vaccine today. It was quick and a little uncomfortable. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes, and that was mainly because they ask you to sit down and have a cookie after you're done. If you feel good after ten minutes or so, you're free to go.

I use my left hand to write, so I got the shot in my right arm. That arm is sore, and that makes things a little bit tricky because I tend to use both my hands quite a lot. I chop vegetables with my right hand, but I can do it with my left hand. It's good to be ambidextrous sometimes.

I just wish I'd been seated next to Johnny Depp when I was vaccinated...

Tuesday, November 10

Fairytales and Real Life

It's funny how fifteen minutes with a good book can make the stress of everyday life fade away.
I read two of the stories in this anthology of modern fairytales over the weekend, and began reading the third on my way home today. I almost wished the train ride home would take longer.

That's how you know you're reading a good book.

My photos in Nya Upplagan

If you pick up a copy of Swedish magazine Nya Upplagan (New Edition) you'll find my photos on page 15 and 16.
Nya Upplagan did a story on the HepCat Store and needed some photos of Rob and the rockabilly way of life. Good thing I have a few hundred suitable photos.

The current issue.

You can also download this issue from

Thursday, November 5

A Suspect Virus and Strangers on a Train

I think there's a bug in my system. My immune system that is. It's an annoying little virus that has been slowing med down for almost a week now.

I saw Rise Against and the 20Belows play at Vega in Copenhagen this weekend. After the first hour I was too tired to do anything but stand around, so no mosh pit for me. Darn.
But I did get to see the 20Belows play, both new material and some of their old stuff.

The award for most rock in one evening goes to Kasper Keen of the 20Belows, who had another gig with the Hitchcocks on the same night and had to run from Vega after opening for Rise Against to make it to the second show.

Rise Against were really good, but I know I would have enjoyed the show more if I had been in the mosh pit. And if the first three songs had been a little more about the vocals and a little less about the base drum.

Anyway, one of the perks of being sick is that I've had time to catch up on my reading and watch some movies. Like Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" from 1951.