Sunday, November 15

Vervain at Mejeriet

My friends Vervain opened for CKY at Mejeriet this Thursday. I was there and so was my camera. Here are some of the photos I took.

Live on stage.

Chrille and his halo.

Francke on stage. I really like this photo.

Another of my favorites.

Click here to see some of my previous photos of Vervain.

CKY were ok, but nothing memorable. Bam Margera was touring with them but I never met him. He was really drunk but nice, or so I'm told.
CKY did however have a really nice kid named Lou as their merch guy. He took Tobias backstage so he could show the skateboards he's painted to Bam.

Tobias is a really talented kid who helps out at Saint 21 and is becoming really good at airbrushing and learning pinstriping. Bam is one of his heroes so he was very, very happy.


tattytiara said...

Just popped over from Goddess's blog. I love their lighting - great shots.

punk in writing said...

Thanks for your kind words and thanks for stopping by.