Wednesday, December 2

Help Mend A Heart

New Found Glory are asking for help. Singer Jordan Pundik's mother Maureen is very sick and in need of a heart transplant.

New Found Glory. Jordan Pundik in the middle.

But things are moving slowly since she doesn't have any health insurance. Her family have set up the website

"Maureen is a firm believer in prayer and asked us to tell everyone we know to pray for her. She needs a tidal wave of SUPPORT, in any way, shape or form. Time is extremely sensitive and every minute that goes by, she is fighting. Please share this website with everyone you know and help us mend our mother's heart."

On the website you can also make a donation via paypal, if you wish to.

I can't tell anyone else what to do, but I choose to donate and say a prayer. After all the good things New Found Glory have given me over the years it feels good to be able to give something back.

Thanks to Chad for bringing this to my attention!

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