Tuesday, December 29

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

So how did I spend my Christmas? Me and my sister took the train to northern Sweden to visit our mother, the Vicar.

Since Christmas is a very busy time of year for the church, my sister and I did all the cooking. We did a small selection of classic Christmas food for Christmas Eve, since it was only the three of us. All of it is vegetarian, and most of it is quite healthy compared to the classic dishes.

Our veggie version of Christmas.
Click on the photo for a larger version.

The red cabbage and feta cheese salad is so good we declared it a must have dish at Christmas when my sister made it for the first time.

Since Mom has moved really far north it takes almost a day to travel up there by train, and it's really cold and snowy. When we were there temperatures ranged from -17 (degrees Celcius) to -6.
That means you don't leave the house unless you're wearing thermal underwear, a really thick jacket, ski pants, thick gloves and a wolly hat. I was glad I bought new winter boots two days before the trip.

The sun rises at nine in the morning and starts to set at three in the afternoon. The snow is dry and powdery and crunches under your feet as you walk.

View from the porch at 3 pm on Christmas day.

Lots and lots of trees covered in snow.

We also went to midnight mass in Borgsjö church on Christmas Eve. The church is from the 18th century and is really beautiful, with elaborate decor and wood carvings painted to look like marble and gold. There were over 200 lit candles, snow on the windows and a great atmosphere.

Sister studies the hymns before the midnight mass begins.

We had a quiet Christmas, watched a lot of movies, ate candy, went for walks in the snow and did some shopping at Birsta City.
Northern Sweden is cold, but beautiful at this time of year.