Tuesday, March 30

Spring! Sun! Beer! Dollyrots!

It looks like spring is finally here! Hooray!

Everything just seems so much better once the days get longer and there's green buds on the trees. Things are slowly starting to move forward with work and the new website that'll launch in May.

I was at a conference in Copenhagen and a trade fair in Gothenburg last week and I have a lot of new ideas about everything from video to augmented reality.

First there were a lot of men who were not very interesting, apart from Eric Reiss from FatDUX. He was awesome. He had a photo of Mae West on one of his slides.

Free beer. This does not happen at a Swedish conference.

I've also been listening to the Dollyrots. A lot. Check 'em out.


Everyday Goddess said...

That's a great remake! Fun to listen to.

punk in writing said...

I didn't even know it was a remake... :D I just love their stuff.