Tuesday, April 6

Smell Ya Later

I meet a lot of people when I'm out and about with the Saint 21 crew; HepCat Store and HepTown Records. The majority are very nice but every now and again I meet some strange creatures.

Like this one guy I talked to at a release party for a band on HepTown Records. He smelled like he'd washed himself in his grandmother's perfume. When you're talking to someone at a venue where the band is playing you need to stand pretty close to hear what the other person is saying. I don't have a problem with this. But this guy... The smell wasn't so bad at first, but it became more and more intrusive.

He seemed to be one of those guys who are really certain of their own excellence, but the smell was the really annoying part of this encounter. And it stuck after the conversation was over and I was back at the merch table. All I could smell was stale, icky perfume. Everywhere.

I tried going out for air, standing really close to a smoker and putting my nose against Rob's slightly sweaty shirt, anything to get rid of that nasty perfume smell, but nothing worked. I was stuck with that nasty smell in my nostrils.

Until the DJ burned the plastic coating on one of the spotlights in the DJ booth. We were right next to that spotlight and the sharp smell of burning plastic was a sweet relief...

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