Sunday, May 2

My Cousin's Wedding

My cousin Lisa got married yesterday. The wedding started at three in the afternoon, but getting ready for a wedding takes all day. It didn't help that I was exhausted from a really intense week at work.

My sister Maria and I started by getting our hair done by Ylva at Kustom Freakout in Malmö. That took a few hours, so then we had to hurry home to eat some lunch, put some makeup on and get dressed.
I live in jeans most of the time, so it takes a little longer to put on petticoats, stockings and a dress.

Ylva working on Maria's hair.

That's a lot of curls.

I forgot to take any photos of the finished hairstyle. I do that a lot.

Lisa and Joakim got married in Stora Hammars gamla kyrka (Stora Hammar's old church). Lisa and I used to work as guides there when we were teenagers, so I can tell you that it was built around 1150 and probably replaced an older wooden church. It's been altered and expanded over the years but still has several features from the middle ages and some really uncomfortable benches from 1688.
It's a lovely church, even with uncomfortable benches, and the wedding was lovely.

Lisa and Joakim outside the church.

Lisa had a lovely veil and looked so happy throughout the day. The reception was held at Ellinge castle, and once we got there I was so busy being a guest and having a good time that I forgot to take any more photos.

The dinner finished sometime after midnight, after many great speeches, toasts and a chocolate and passion fruit wedding cake.

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Everyday Goddess said...

That's so beautiful! And on Beltane too ~ how perfect.

Congratulations to the happy couple.