Wednesday, June 16

We Call It Work

Sometimes we escape the office for an all day conference. But we rarely get to spend the day at a place like Ystad Saltsjöbad on a beautiful summer day.

And on the way there I ran into Jhonny Bratpack whom I haven't seen for ages. We were at the station and looking for a taxi when I thought I saw him and I was right. Jhonny is a taxi driver so he drove me and my colleagues to the conference.

We also ran into Jake from the Headlines at the station. Funny, you don't see people for ages and then you run into two of them at once.

Work meeting after a tough game of boule. And beer.

I splashed about in the water for so long my feet ached when they warmed up. Oh well.


hotacrossbuns said...

Very Awesome!!! every work team should go to the beach!!

punk in writing said...

Yeah, it was a great day. :D