Tuesday, June 22

A West Coast Wedding

There was a royal wedding on Saturday and on Sunday we drove 4 hours up to Smögen on the Swedish west coast for a family wedding.
Andy's brother Mathias and his Anna got married on the Swedish west coast, after being engaged for 14 years.
Hållö is a small island with a lighthouse, a chapel, a hostel and not much else. You can only get there by boat, and it felt a little strange to dress up and hop on the open air ferry.

Hållö. Smögen in the background.

After the ceremony.
Mathias and Anna with their kids Victor (picking up rice) and Tove.

I wore my Stop Staring sailor dress and vintage Pendelton coat and navigated the rocky island in heels. I like to look classy, even in tough conditions. I had plans to do something with my hair, but no amount of pomade or hairspray would have kept it in place for more than a few minutes so I decided not to bother.
I did change into jeans and sneakers for the boat trip after dinner, mainly because it was cold and windy.

Bella and me posing outside the hostel where the party was held.
Note my heels.

The weather didn't look too good when we first headed out to Hållö, but the sun came out after the ceremony and the evening was beautiful. Instead of dancing we went on a boat trip along the coast after dinner. When I first heard about it I thought it was a little odd, but it turned out to be a wonderful idea.

11 pm, waiting for the ferry back to the mainland. Can you see the moon?

Sunset. The propeller is part of a plane that crashed on Hållö during WWII.

The west coast is stunningly beautiful in the summer. I wish we could have stayed a little while longer, but I had to get back to work.


Everyday Goddess said...

I love your dress, and heels on the rocks, I'm impressed since I can barely manage flat ground!

What a beautiful wedding destination.

Best wishes to the couple!

punk in writing said...

Goddess: I did change to jeans and sneakers when it got cold... whick made the rocks much easier to walk on. :)