Monday, July 12

It's Hot!

The last few days have been hot. Tropical, Mediterranean, not-anything-we're-used-to-in-Sweden hot.
I went swimming on Sunday. The sea was lovely and cool, but as soon as I left the water I was warm again. I can't remember the last time that happened.

It feels really weird to wake up, take an ice cold shower, get dressed and put on make up... and then you're sweating again. The local trains are acting up too, making my commute a sweaty and tiring adventure. At least we have air-conditioning at the office.

I've wished for warmer weather all winter... just not this hot. Could somebody please turn it down a notch?


Everyday Goddess said...

total heatwave over here in New England too.

great song!

punk in writing said...

Yeah it's crazy.. just learned that it hasn't been this hot in Lund since 1753.