Friday, July 9

Two weekends in the woods

I've spent the past two weekends in Smålands woods. Last weekend was spent at Hultsfred Hayride with the HepCat Store. I took a road trip with Rob and we stopped by Hanna's house in Växjö.
We went to the lovely Kafe Deluxe for some beers and swing music and rode our borrowed bikes through the beautiful summer night. Mosquitoes included.
Hanna is truly a hostess with the mostess. She served us fresh strawberries and yoghurt for breakfast. Check out the Saint 21 blog for more on Hultsfred Hayride.

But the weekend before that, Midsummers Eve, was spent at our house outside Ljungby. We ordered a container and spent three days cleaning out the kitchen and one of the living rooms. We emptied the rooms completely, cleaned them and sorted all the stuff in the yard. We cleaned everything that we wanted to keep before taking it back into the house. The rest went in the container, often with satisfying sounds like "crash", "clank" and "boom". The kitchen alone took a day and a half to sort out. But we got rid of a lot of junk and all traces of mice.

Sorting in progress.

My paternal grandparents on their wedding day in 1943.
Black and white photo that has been coloured by hand.

We found some good things too, like the photo above. We kept the stuff we really liked and put the rest in boxes to give to charity.
I didn't think that we could fill an entire container over the weekend, but we did. We threw out almost everything that the mice had been at. And one dead mouse that we found in the back of a kitchen unit.

But it wasn't all work. We visited grandma and her kittens too. Kittens rule.

Our house. That's the old chicken house to the right.

The road to our woods. Pretty, ain't it?

View from the yard.

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