Monday, August 16

A Feral Kitten

My sister and her fiancé have adopted a feral kitten. The little rascal showed up outside Fredrik's job last week and he was finally able to capture it and bring it home on Friday.

First known photo of the kitten.

They're not sure if it's a boy or a girl yet, so no name has been decided. But they're leaning towards Gizmo. Because the kitten has big ears and reminds us of this fella.

The kitten is shy but making real progress. You can't touch her/him or be too close, but it's ok to play a little. At first he/she was scared to leave the transport cage Maria and Fredrik brought her/him home in, but now he/she is relaxed enough to sleep on the kitchen table or in the little house on the activity tree.

No kitten, photographers do not eat kittens.

This kitten is being spoiled, in a good way. Fancy toys from Lidl, Whiskas cat milk and quality cat food. They've even prepared the balcony for when the kitten is brave enough to explore it.

Maria demonstrates the activity tree. Kitten on the kitchen table.

Kitty house and extra litter box.

It seems Gizmo really has gone from rags to riches.

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