Monday, August 9

Flickr, a-bombers and rainy days

I've added some of my photos to flickr, including the few I took at this year's A-Bombers. I've been to A-Bombers four times in the last five years and 2010 must be the weekend with the worst weather. It rained on Friday and for most of Saturday so the entire weekend was a damp affair.

I spotted these two guys just outside Gothenburg. There was some heavy traffic around the city, as there always is, and whenever the speed slowed down they up came the umbrella. When we were past the heavy traffic they took down the umbrella and floored it towards Backamo.

I guess they really wanted to get to Old Style Weekend.

The entire weekend whizzed by in a flurry of work, rain, old and new friends, cars, pomade, chocolate and crappy vegetarian food. There were only three of us working the HepCat Store booth and we work long days. It's great to have so many happy customers but it does get a bit hectic from time to time. None of us HepCat crew managed to see any of the bands this year, not even our friends Duck and Cover.

I started my vacation just in time for A-Bombers and I had planned to take some more photos during the weekend. But I was simply so tired and uninspired that I only took a handful, mainly on Friday night. This spring has been so crazy at work and my inspiration has suffered. I cannot seem to find the energy to get creative.

At least I've finally uploaded the photos from Gunhild Carling's Red Hot Club at Mejeriet back in November last year. Click on the photo below to go to flickr and see more.

Gunhild Carling's Red Hot Club at Mejeriet

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