Thursday, August 26


Remember the little wild kitten that my sister and her fiancé brought home? He - we're now sure it's a boy - is called Gizmo and is becoming more and more relaxed in his new home. We've even been able to pet him a few times.

Gizmo doesn't really trust stuff that makes weird sounds, like cell phone cameras.

My sister found a good vet who does house calls and has a lot of experience with rescued cats. Gizmo needs some eye drops and antibiotics for the next few days, other than that he's in good shape.

Gizmo. Master of the living room.

The vet also said that he's probably part Siamese or some other "oriental" breed. Gizmo has a really long tail, big ears and his eyes are a little different from the other cats that we've had.

I hope you're ordering more cat food.

He's active, curious and complains if his food isn't fresh enough. Oh, and he's completely taken over the living room. Did I mention he's cute as a button?

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