Sunday, August 29

Roadtrippin' with the shop

Me and Rob went to Uddevalla and back yesterday. We packed Rob's car and headed north to Tiki Jamboree, an event hosted by our friend Patric. Did I mention it's a four hour drive from Lund to Uddevalla?

Roadtrippin' Rob

Open road and fancy clouds.

Once we found Harry's in Uddevalla we set up shop on the patio. We only bring a small selection of the stuff we have in the HepCat Store and it's always tricky to predict what will sell.
Books sold well yesterday, for some reason.

To see more of the unpacking and shenanigans from setting up our shop, check out the Saint 21 blog.

Hot Rods at Tiki Jamboree.

View from our makeshift shop.

I meet a lot of people at events like these. Mattias from LeBeef Kustom Metal Works was the other vendor at Tiki Jamboree. He'd also remembered to bring plastic bags, which we didn't, so he was very hand to have around. Did I mention that he's a really nice guy? And he gave me a tee when we packed up. Yay!

Rob and Mattias talking shop.

Pål from Bullit leather was having a great night out and told me that he found two movie star cards with Esther Williams for me at a flea market. Yay!#2

We packed up the shop at midnight and headed south. Much coffee, chocolate milk and late night radio was consumed on the way home. We were done unloading the car sometime around 4.30 am and I was in bed at 5am, right before the birds started singing. Roadtrippin' with Rob and the shop is an endurance event.

More photos from Tiki Jamboree on flickr.

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