Thursday, September 30

RIP Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis, whom I'll forever love for his portrayal of Joe/Josephine in Some Like It Hot, has passed away.

Tony Curtis and puppy.

If you've never seen Some Like It Hot you're missing out. It's one of the best comedies ever made. 1959 was a good year for movies.

Wednesday, September 29

Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis!

"The Killer" from Louisiana turns 75 today and is still making music. He's got a new album out called Mean Old Man. The title track was written by Kris Kristofferson.

I love his hair at 0:36 in this video. Seems like no amount of pomade could tame those curls.

Check out the book Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story by Nick Tosches, it's a great rock n roll biography.

Tuesday, September 28

What would Johnny Cash do in my office?

My 9-5 office moved today. Or rather, we packed all the stuff at the office yesterday and today it magically appeared in our new house in Västra Hamnen. Ok, maybe not so much magic as a good moving company.

Boxes in the old office.

We left a lovely but crowded space in a brick building downtown for a new building in the hip area that used to be a working harbour. I'm not sure I like Västra Hamnen. Way too fancy and too windy.

The walls are supposed to be lime green - but they don't look anything like any citrus fruit I've ever seen. I think the colour was originally called radioactive snot-green, but it didn't sell under that name.

My office is on the fifth floor. It's a long way down.

We're not supposed to have posters on the walls, but I put up my WWJCD?-poster anyway.

Yes, WWJCD? I'm pretty sure he'd put up this poster.

I'm not sure what I'm doing, I suspect that Bengt took this photo when I wasn't prepared.

I hope I'll remember to head to the new building tomorrow... Who knows, I might even learn to live with the green walls and the orange plastic chairs in the cafeteria.

Sunday, September 26

The Illusionist

I saw another film that is part of Fantastisk Filmfestival (Lund International Fantastic Film Festival) last night. The Illusionist, a lovely and melancholy story of friendship and the decline of vaudeville.

And then I walked home through a city that was full of life, music and people. Last night was Kulturkalaset, a night when the city is filled with all kinds of culture. Everything is free and there was everything from skateboards to classical music to street food. But because this is Lund, it's all very family oriented and high quality and the atmosphere is very different from other events like Malmöfestivalen.

On my way home from the movie I bought a cup of spicy hot chocolate and wished I could capture the light and the people on camera. But sadly there's not yet a camera lens that's as sensitive to light as the human eye. Spring and summer are beautiful seasons but fall and winter has amazing light.

Photographer Peter Kindersley has shot an amazing series of photos of London by night, working with very long exposure times.

Saturday, September 25

Göteborg Book Fair - A Roadtrip

I try to get to Göteborg Book Fair every year, so yesterday I went on a road trip with my mom and sister. For once I was dressed and on time and they were running late.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan
Heading north.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan 4
We stop at the same parking lot for breakfast every year.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan 3
Mushroom pate and home made pickles. Pickles rule.

I suspect that we always stop at the same place to eat our breakfast because it's as far as Mom can go without a second cup of coffee.
But the driving is the easy part. The fun starts when you have to find a place to park in downtown Göteborg on a Friday. We finally found a spot after two spins around the block.
The parking fee is less than in Malmö or Lund, which is a good thing considering you can't pay with regular credit cards. They're big on coins on the west coast.

At least we lucked out when we took the side entrance to the fair and thus skipped a ten minute wait. And then we headed in to check out books, authors promoting their books, publishers promoting their books and more books.

Bokmässan 2
Shopping for Moomin books.

Bokmässa 1
I'm a girl and I hate pink. I'm not big on stereotypes either.

Bokmässan 3
Pink. The monster that haunts me.

Anyway, I found some paperbacks and a great photo-journalism magazine. But the best thing I got was this Wonder Woman lunch box.

wonder woman lunch box
Ah, Wonder Woman.

And I may have splurged and gotten the Wonder Woman apron too...

After a few hours of books, noise and crowds we were starving and headed to a great Turkish restaurant a few blocks away. Taras never disappoints.

I like Göteborg, but the traffic is just silly. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the city and it didn't help that Mom is the worst kind of backseat driver. Road rage, anyone?
And maybe that vanilla latte I got on the way home was a mistake. Giving me too much coffee is like making a kitten drink a double espresso, so I may have been a little hyper.

Good thing I got on my bike and headed to Saint 21 as soon as I got home. Just managed to say hi to Patric before he headed north, complain about my day and talk some shop with Levin and Rob. Oh yeah, Rob has a new tattoo.

HepTown Records in Ink
I believe I've seen this one before...

More photos on flickr.

Friday, September 24

Alien vs Ninja

Just came back from Fantastisk Filmfestival (Lund International Fantastic Film Festival) where I saw Alien vs Ninja.

What can I say? I'm not a fan of splatter films, but this was just so... charmingly bad. In a good way. Special effects that would have been impressive on a SEGA megadrive game, a hint of plot and fight scenes that go from cool to funny to cheesy in seconds. Japanese metal and "historical" costumes in black leather and latex. More funny than scary, but what can you expect from a production company called Sushi Typhoon?

There's some b-movie style blood and guts in this trailer. Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, September 23

My mascara made me do it

I swear officer, it wasn't me. My mascara made me do it! I was a good girl before it came along!

Mad youth - who was to blame?

Seriously though, BAD gal mascara from Benefit Cosmetics is good but it doesn't quite have the oompf of Diorshow.

EDIT: This post needed a song, so here it is. Little Esther - I'm A Bad, Bad Girl.

Sunday, September 19

A Weekend in September

This weekend I put on my boots and went looking for chanterelles in the woods. And came back with enough for a delicious omelet with creamed chanterelles, white wine and parsley.

Chanterelles, are you here?

These two cars live out in the wood, within walking distance of delicious fungi. One of them is in better shape than the other, but they both need a lot of TLC.

A roadster, a coupe and a child with weird eyes.

Another day, another place to be. I did my part for democracy and voted, then I headed to a birthday party. Twins Alex and Philip celebrated their 8th birthday with cake, candy and pirate lego.

Rob, Philip, cousin Hugo and Alex.

More android phone photos from the weekend can be found on flickr.

Friday, September 17

I never leave a bookstore empty handed

I went to a local bookstore during my lunch hour to get some birthday presents for Rob's twin boys who'll be 8 soon. Ah... bookstores. I can wander around a good one for hours.
Books and reading were a big part of my childhood. It's no coincidence that I'm a journalist and my sister is a librarian.

I found two great books for the birthday boys, one by Neil Gaiman and one by Roald Dahl. I looked at a lot of books that seemed great, but in the end I picked two that I have read and loved.

And I also found a little something for myself. Vintage Surfing by Jim Heimann.

Boards and beach babe.

George Barrie Kustom Kars and a woodie.

It's just one great image after another.

Wednesday, September 15

My Little Wonder Woman

I would have bought it in a heartbeat, but this one of a kind My Little Wonder Woman has already been sold. Sigh.

My Little Wonder Woman
Check out more of Mari Kasurinen's art on her website.

Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen

Geek Girl Meetup is coming to Copenhagen on Saturday, November 6th.
It's free and it's open for all kinds of geek girls. Sign up here!

What is Geek Girl Meetup?
An un-conference for women who work in digital media, programming, design, entrepreneurship and other cool stuff.
I'm helping to organize the event and am looking for sponsors who want 100 geek girls with rockin' social media skills to check out their product.
Wanna sponsor us? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

We plan to have a geek girl academy and a showroom too.
Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Once you've gone tech you ain't never going back.

Sunday, September 12


Sundays are awesome. I went to the gym with my sister for a bodybalance session, cooked a healthy veggie brunch and read the paper with a cup of tea. And hung out with Gizmo.


I don't know if it was the exercise or just my happy Sunday mood, but I didn't want to spend my afternoon sitting on the sofa. So I baked flapjacks with walnuts and cherries.


I used to buy flapjacks, but then I started making my own and they're so much better. More flavor and less sugar than the store bought ones.
Heck, I even made fresh fruit salad so I'm all set for breakfast tomorrow.

Saturday, September 11

September BBQ

We celebrated Mom's birthday today and cooked dinner on the grill. Probably the last BBQ this season.
It felt a little strange to cook outside and eat indoors, but that's September for you. Nice weather if you're taking a walk, cold if you're not moving.

Everything looks better with the toycam app.

You'll find more phone photos with various apps on my flickr.

Friday, September 10

Friday Night

Tea, fresh blueberries, chocolate from Montezuma's and season two of Sons of Anarchy. Chivalry and ink - it's a delicious combination.

The camera apps are still fun.

Thursday, September 9

The Esthers

Remember those two Esther Williams movie star cards Pål from Bullit leather found for me? They're now hangin' with their sisters. Thanks Pål!

New ladies on the left.

Wednesday, September 8

Lemon, Ginger and Pendleton

I've been feeling like I'm gonna get a cold any day now. My throat is a little sore and I get tired in the afternoons. A lot of people in the office are coughing or have been sick.

The last thing I want is a cold. I've finally started to work out properly and it feels so good. I don't wanna get sick and have to quit for two weeks, and then start over...
I almost had a Scarlet O'Hara-moment yesterday when I refused to feel sick and went to the gym after work. And I felt much better afterwards.

My sister showed me this simple lemon and ginger infusion that soothes my throat surprisingly well. Even if my sister's version has so much ginger it made me go "hurr" after every sip. I use more lemon and a little less ginger, and it's good stuff.

Lemon and ginger infusion.
My android phone has a toycam app too.

But today I came home to three packages that made me feel a little better. One was vegan peppermint marshmallows and tasty, tasty caramel from Have It Sweet confections.

Hello my lovelies. I'm gonna eat you.

The other two packages were Pendleton shirts I won on ebay. When you buy vintage on the web you're never really sure what you get until you open your packages - that's part of the fun.
But they both fit!

I may have a Pendleton problem...

The green and red one is in great condition, but I'm not sure if the colors suit me...

Anyway, I'm gonna drink some more lemon and ginger infusion and eat every vitamin c I can find. If this cold wants to invade my body it's gonna have to fight for it.

Monday, September 6


I baked chocolate chip cookies today. Because it's Monday, because life is too short for diets and because I can.
And because @Kixet is coming over for a girls night in.

My android phone has a polaroid app.

Sunday, September 5

I've Always Been Crazy

It's a beautiful Sunday outside my window, but I'm busy being lazy and listening to Waylon Jennings. It's time to shake this lazy Sunday mood and head to the gym.

Thursday, September 2

One life, one chance

It's my first week at work after a nice, quiet vacation. I'm having a great day at the office, taking a bike ride during lunch to pick up some stuff and run into friends. And then I get hit with bad, but not unexpected news about my job.

Fuckin' fantastic. I'm praying for a phone call with good news and trying to stay positive.