Saturday, September 25

Göteborg Book Fair - A Roadtrip

I try to get to Göteborg Book Fair every year, so yesterday I went on a road trip with my mom and sister. For once I was dressed and on time and they were running late.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan
Heading north.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan 4
We stop at the same parking lot for breakfast every year.

Roadtrippin' to bokmässan 3
Mushroom pate and home made pickles. Pickles rule.

I suspect that we always stop at the same place to eat our breakfast because it's as far as Mom can go without a second cup of coffee.
But the driving is the easy part. The fun starts when you have to find a place to park in downtown Göteborg on a Friday. We finally found a spot after two spins around the block.
The parking fee is less than in Malmö or Lund, which is a good thing considering you can't pay with regular credit cards. They're big on coins on the west coast.

At least we lucked out when we took the side entrance to the fair and thus skipped a ten minute wait. And then we headed in to check out books, authors promoting their books, publishers promoting their books and more books.

Bokmässan 2
Shopping for Moomin books.

Bokmässa 1
I'm a girl and I hate pink. I'm not big on stereotypes either.

Bokmässan 3
Pink. The monster that haunts me.

Anyway, I found some paperbacks and a great photo-journalism magazine. But the best thing I got was this Wonder Woman lunch box.

wonder woman lunch box
Ah, Wonder Woman.

And I may have splurged and gotten the Wonder Woman apron too...

After a few hours of books, noise and crowds we were starving and headed to a great Turkish restaurant a few blocks away. Taras never disappoints.

I like Göteborg, but the traffic is just silly. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the city and it didn't help that Mom is the worst kind of backseat driver. Road rage, anyone?
And maybe that vanilla latte I got on the way home was a mistake. Giving me too much coffee is like making a kitten drink a double espresso, so I may have been a little hyper.

Good thing I got on my bike and headed to Saint 21 as soon as I got home. Just managed to say hi to Patric before he headed north, complain about my day and talk some shop with Levin and Rob. Oh yeah, Rob has a new tattoo.

HepTown Records in Ink
I believe I've seen this one before...

More photos on flickr.

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