Friday, September 17

I never leave a bookstore empty handed

I went to a local bookstore during my lunch hour to get some birthday presents for Rob's twin boys who'll be 8 soon. Ah... bookstores. I can wander around a good one for hours.
Books and reading were a big part of my childhood. It's no coincidence that I'm a journalist and my sister is a librarian.

I found two great books for the birthday boys, one by Neil Gaiman and one by Roald Dahl. I looked at a lot of books that seemed great, but in the end I picked two that I have read and loved.

And I also found a little something for myself. Vintage Surfing by Jim Heimann.

Boards and beach babe.

George Barrie Kustom Kars and a woodie.

It's just one great image after another.

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