Sunday, September 26

The Illusionist

I saw another film that is part of Fantastisk Filmfestival (Lund International Fantastic Film Festival) last night. The Illusionist, a lovely and melancholy story of friendship and the decline of vaudeville.

And then I walked home through a city that was full of life, music and people. Last night was Kulturkalaset, a night when the city is filled with all kinds of culture. Everything is free and there was everything from skateboards to classical music to street food. But because this is Lund, it's all very family oriented and high quality and the atmosphere is very different from other events like Malmöfestivalen.

On my way home from the movie I bought a cup of spicy hot chocolate and wished I could capture the light and the people on camera. But sadly there's not yet a camera lens that's as sensitive to light as the human eye. Spring and summer are beautiful seasons but fall and winter has amazing light.

Photographer Peter Kindersley has shot an amazing series of photos of London by night, working with very long exposure times.

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