Wednesday, September 8

Lemon, Ginger and Pendleton

I've been feeling like I'm gonna get a cold any day now. My throat is a little sore and I get tired in the afternoons. A lot of people in the office are coughing or have been sick.

The last thing I want is a cold. I've finally started to work out properly and it feels so good. I don't wanna get sick and have to quit for two weeks, and then start over...
I almost had a Scarlet O'Hara-moment yesterday when I refused to feel sick and went to the gym after work. And I felt much better afterwards.

My sister showed me this simple lemon and ginger infusion that soothes my throat surprisingly well. Even if my sister's version has so much ginger it made me go "hurr" after every sip. I use more lemon and a little less ginger, and it's good stuff.

Lemon and ginger infusion.
My android phone has a toycam app too.

But today I came home to three packages that made me feel a little better. One was vegan peppermint marshmallows and tasty, tasty caramel from Have It Sweet confections.

Hello my lovelies. I'm gonna eat you.

The other two packages were Pendleton shirts I won on ebay. When you buy vintage on the web you're never really sure what you get until you open your packages - that's part of the fun.
But they both fit!

I may have a Pendleton problem...

The green and red one is in great condition, but I'm not sure if the colors suit me...

Anyway, I'm gonna drink some more lemon and ginger infusion and eat every vitamin c I can find. If this cold wants to invade my body it's gonna have to fight for it.

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